Sunday, 11 May 2014

The year ahead

--by Victoria Jane Appleton (Artistic Director)

Producer Sam Trueman and I had a meeting today to look at the year ahead.  I am very excited about the things to come: The Midnight Salesmen at The London Short Play Festival, The Sequel at The Camden Fringe, our TBA Autumn show...

As a new company there is a lot to do behind the scenes especially at the moment and I imagine in the near future we will be expanding our ranks (hint hint) but for now my office and I are inseparable.

This blog will have any and all updates (from production designs to event and casting announcements and shout outs to the friends of Untouched Theatre).  We hope you find it of some interest and in case you didn't already know here are some other ways to stay connected:

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Midnight Salesmen: Rehearsal Week 1

Our play, The Midnight Salesmen will be performed at the London Short Play Festival from 22nd - 24th May 2014 at The Teahouse Theatre in Vauxhall.  It's a short farcical comedy about three burglars and their late night shenanigans.  It is directed by our artistic director, Victoria Jane Appleton, and stars Luisa Guerreiro, Mike Archer, Aaron Millard, Ed Millard and Orlando Brooke.  Tickets are available from

Here are some photos from rehearsal week 1.  We are very excited about this show!